Four of the Best Apps for People with Disabilities

By Guest Blogger Megan Totka, Chief Editor, ChamberofCommerce.comDisability Blog, February 12, 2014

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One of the greatest parts about the prevalence of evolving personal technology is that it makes disabilities less obvious. The same applications that provide convenience for the general public look the same for people with disabilities. That being said, there are some mobile apps that have been tailor-made for specific impairments that can be downloaded on typical smartphones and tablets.

Take a look at these four suggestions for your own app collection:

Voice Dream Reader. This app is great for people with visual or hearing impairments because it makes use of sophisticated text-to-speech technology. People who have trouble seeing the screens on their smartphones or tablets can have messages read aloud and can also record them without needing to type/text any words. On the flip side, people with hearing impairments can use the enhanced text features and cut out the read-aloud option. This app not only provides extra help with messaging, but has the ability to upload Word or PDF documents for use in the app.

TapToTalk. While similar to the Voice Dream Reader, this app is designed specifically for non-verbal children and adults, or those with verbal difficulty. It provides simple-to-complex commands that the user can issue at the touch of a button. Those with physical speech impairments or people with autism or cerebral palsy can benefit from the simple, straightforward communication this app provides.

Med Time. This is a great example of an app that has general public uses, but also can make life a lot easier for people with disabilities. This app does just what its name implies – notifies users when it is time to take a particular medication. This is a little more advanced than a basic smartphone alarm because it saves and stores all of your medication information and lets you know exactly what you need to be taking, and in what dose, at the moment the alarm sounds. The newest upgrade includes options for syncing the app to all your mobile devices and a speech-reminder that outlines the exact instructions.

PC2ME. Connect all of the information from your personal computer to your smart devices with this app. You have instant access to the items on your desktop with the help of this app, cutting out the need to go back and forth between the two devices. It saves time and also plenty of energy, particularly if mobility is an issue.

BONUS: “Guide Me” Tool. Although technically not an app, this tool puts a host of resources at the fingertips of its users. The vast amount of information is organized for convenience and covers topics like benefits, civil rights, employment, health, housing, community life, transportation and others. How many times have you relied on a search engine to give you relevant information regarding your disability or that of a loved one? The “Guide Me” tool takes the guesswork out of accuracy of information and also saves you a lot of time. The team hopes to eventually offer this tool as a mobile app.

What apps make your life with a disability easier?

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